Open GL Setup

  1. Copy OPENGL folder to  C:\
  2.   dynamically-linked libraries (place in the \Windows\System32) subdirectory

  opengl32.dll ,   glu32.dll , glut32.dll , glut.dll

3. Open Microsoft Visual C++

  • Create a new project:
  • Choose File | New from the File Menu
  • Select the Projects tab
  • Choose Win32 Console Application
  • Fill in your Project name

  • Ok , Finish , OK
  • Click on Tools- Options – Directories
  • Add Include and Library Directories

  • Now the Library and include directories are mentioned.

  • Then Click on PROJECT – Settings – Link
  •  Then place the cursor on Object / Library Modules
  • Press End which will place the cursor at end.

  • And paste this:

            GLAUX.LIB GLU32.LIB glut32.lib glut.lib OPENGL32.LIB

              And press OK. Now you are ready to use it.

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