Disk Defragmentation - Hard Disk

Defragmentation is a maintenance your file system. It is a process that reduces the amount of fragmentation . Its improve windows computer speed .You can imagine Defragmentation is a file cabinet , where file organised (stored ) alphabetically , so you can find file easily .Its saved your time and files open without lags.
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Before Defragmentation 
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After Defragmentation

Advantage :
1.Improve disk performance .
2.Sorting the  file.
3.It Save hard disk life . 
4.Improve Windows computer speed.

How to do disk Difragmentation :

1.Open the start menu , click on the All programs --> Accessories --> System tools .
2.Click on the Disk defragmenter .
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3.Select a disk , click on Analyze disk button ( If Analyze disk report show 10% above , you should Defragment the disk ).

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4.Select disk , click on the Defragment disk button ( Disk defragment take several minute or hour its depend    your hard disk volume ).

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5.When finished click on Stop operation .

Another way you can do this  :

1.Open the start menu click on the computer button.
2.Right click on the hard disk that you want to Defragment , click on the Properties .

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3.Select on Tools tab , then click on the Defragment now  button.

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4.You can follow above 3 and 4 step.

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