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Facebook customers can create  Facebook page , sometimes referred to as a " Fan page " . With this fan page to connect  and engaged to your customers . Now every website owner use it their own webpages  for attract more customers .Page owner enable to share products and business information with Fans.owner also have access to insight and analytic of the page.    

How to create Facebook Fan Page

  • Log in to Facebook account.
  • Scroll down bottom of the  page.
  • Now you will see " create page " option or visit this link                                                                         ( ) .

  • Choose the category as you need it ( 1.Local business or place 2.Company , organisation or institution 3.Brand or product 4. Artist ,brand or public figure 5.Entertainment 6.Cause or community ) . 

  • Enter page name and other information of the page . 
  • Click on get started and it's create immediately .
  • Now upload profile picture and invite friends .

  • If you promote this page on your website .
  • click on add like box.
  • Adjust your like box color , height and others setting.

  • After the setting click on get code and copy .
  • Add this code on your webpage.

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