Facebook Shortcut Keys List

Facebook have some shortcut keys which helps to easily navigate among page recent page,like page, notifications etc. If you use this Shortcut keys which make you to work fast in the Facebook. This keys easily remembered.

Description       Google chrome    Internet Explorer    Firefox

Open new message   Alt+M           Alt+M               Shift+Alt+M
Open search box    Alt+?           Alt+?               Shift+Alt+?

View news feed     Alt+1           Alt+1               Shift+Alt+1

View own profile   Alt+2           Alt+2               Shift+Alt+2

View friend request Alt+3          Alt+3               Shift+Alt+3

View message       Alt+4           Alt+4               Shift+Alt+4

View notification  Alt+5           Alt+5               Shift+Alt+5

View Settings      Alt+6           Alt+6               Shift+Alt+6

View privacy page  Alt+7           Alt+7               Shift+Alt+7
View group page    Alt+8           Alt+8               Shift+Alt+8

view service       Alt+9           Alt+9               Shift+Alt+7

Help center        Alt+0           Alt+0               Shift+Alt+0

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