Deactivate and Activate Facebook Account

Facebook is a cool and biggest social networking site in the world.It connects people from different's  countries together . People shares their personal and private topic with their friends via Facebook.Many of the reasons you can deactivate your Facebook account on temporarily basis or completely delete your account  from  Facebook.In this method you deactivate your Facebook account after a some time when your deactivation reasons solved , then you reactivate  your Facebook account.your profile will be restored in its entirely.

Deactivate :
  • Go to Facebook account and log in to your account.
  • Click on Account settings .
  • Then  click on Security .

  • Scroll down of the page , you will see "Deactivate  Account" ,then click Deactivate
  • Then you will see a  window box open , where ask a some question why you deactivate Facebook account.
  • put a check mark in the box says "This is a temporary , i will be back".

  • Click on Deactivate my account . 
Reactivate :
  • Go to your Facebook account and log in to with your correct Facebook log in information .
  • if you log in to successfully , your Facebook account automatic reactivate.

Notice  :

  • When  deactivate your account, group and events may  not be restored.
  •  your friends list will be saved, but you will not appear on your friend's page and your friends will not be able to search for you on Facebook until you reactivate your account. 
warning  :

If you can not reactivate your Facebook account , It is possible that another person using your email address and password.The password you select should be unique , complex and kept entirely to yourself. 

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